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Please Review our Terms and Conditions

2024 Journey to the North Pole™ Event Ticket Purchase Terms & Conditions

You will be required to agree to these Terms & Conditions prior to the purchase of tickets.

This event is a fundraiser for Believe in Books Literacy Foundation, therefore I understand and accept that these tickets are non-refundable and may not be exchanged or transferred to another date, time, year or location. I understand that this event will occur regardless of weather conditions, and I accept that I will not be refunded if I cannot make it to the event for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to: travel conditions, illness, scheduling conflicts, loss, and other unforeseen circumstances surrounding my ability to attend.

I understand that the seating I have selected is specific to location, date, time, and seating class. I have verified that all of my selections are correct and agree to this non-refundable purchase. If I am planning on joining another party at the event, I acknowledge that we must notify Believe in Books Literacy Foundation prior to my departure and have the exact same ticket specifications of location, date, time, and seating class in order to enjoy the event together.


I acknowledge that a portion of this event will occur outside, and understand that I should arrive appropriately dressed for inclement weather and/or outside conditions. I understand that I am encouraged to arrive in pajamas, but must have appropriate layers (jackets, robes, hats, mittens, boots, long underwear, etc.) to be prepared for the current weather temperatures and conditions.


I acknowledge that Santa’s Gift Sets are mailed to my home prior to the event. I understand that if I ordered a Gift Set, I must provide the complete mailing address in order to receive the package. I agree that this Add-On purchase is non-refundable and cannot be picked up at the event. I accept that any Gift Sets ordered within 10 days of the selected departure date are not guaranteed to arrive prior to the event.


I understand and accept that the Handicap seating on board the train in NORTH CONWAY is in COACH CLASS ONLY and Handicap seating in LINCOLN is in First Class +PLUS+ ONLY. I understand that I am required to call the BIBLF office at (603) 356-9980 at least 24 hours prior to the event to notify staff if I have any handicap/mobility needs or allergy concerns. I accept that Handicap seating is limited and that parties that have called ahead to reserve handicap needs will be given preferential boarding and handicap seating at the event.

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